Professional Quality Photos & Videos with your iPhone

Updated: Jan 19

Hey there!

Here are a few tips on how to get quality photos and video with your iPhone.

Tip 1: Using proper lighting

If you don't have a fancy light or the budget to buy lighting equipment, record your videos in front of a window during sunlight hours.

Here are a few of my favorite makeup lights that can also be used for filming and photos.

For the examples below, I used the Glamor Brilliant Vanity Mirror

Tip 2: Adjust or Lock your Exposure and Focus AE/AF

Here is a great example. The photo on the left is auto adjusted exposure that my iPhone chose. The right is with changing the AE/AF.

That's the only difference in these photos. Nothing else!

To activate the AE/AF lock, simply open the iOS Camera app and tap on the screen. Instead of tapping and releasing, tap and hold for 3 second, or until the yellow square flickers.

When you release, you should see an "AE/AF Lock" indicator on the screen.

This AE/AF Lock feature works with both photos and videos, including the Slo-Mo option in iOS 7.

Once the AE/AF