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Have you considered learning more about your beauty products and how to get the most out of them? Let us teach you how to look and feel your best! 




Makeup Lessons

Ask us about our VIRTUAL classes!

Are you an artist looking to elevate your skills? Contact us for our private coaching. 

Color Matching Session | Complimentary

Find the right foundation color and type for your skin, age and lifestyle!  Virtually or in person!

Personal Makeup Lesson | 200 (2hours)

Step by step instructions for a makeup look to fit your needs and lifestyle. We will go over your makeup kit, skincare prep, fundamentals of foundation and an everyday makeup look. 

Group Makeup Lesson | 60 (2hours)

Class of 4 or more*  learn the fundamentals of skincare and makeup and how they work together. Hands on learning with Step by step instructions on a live model. Virtually or in person!

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