Which Makeup Light is right for you?

Updated: Jan 19

Hi! I'm Kaitee a Licensed cosmetologist and Bridal Stylist. I'm here to share my personal experiences and knowledge on choosing the right makeup light for your vanity, studio or on location jobs.

I'll share...

- Why temperature of your bulb is important

- Reviews on my top 3 makeup lights

- My favorite brand and Why

- Pictures of how I use my Favorite Lights

Why temperature of your bulb is important

First, lets chat Kelvin "the SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature, equal in magnitude to the degree Celsius" Kelvin is used in lighting to measure the color temperature of a particular light bulb. The higher the Kelvin (K) rating, the whiter the light will be. Understanding all of this, will help you pick lightbulbs for your studio, vanity, bathroom and any other makeup lights you may want or need. 

  • Less than 2000K: gives off a dim glow of light, similar to what you might find from candlelight. This will lean VERY yellow. 

  • 2000K-3000K: gives off a soft white glow, often yellow in appearance

  • 3100K-4500K: gives off a bright amount of white light; best for kitchens, offices, work spaces and vanities where task lighting is needed

  • 4600K-6500K: gives off a bright amount of blue-white light, similar to that of daylight

  • 6500K and up: gives off a bright bluish hue of light, often found in commercial locations; best for bright task lighting

Let's review my top 3 Makeup Lights

Number 3: Neewer 14in Ring Light - 5,500K

I Purchased this light back in December 2018 and loved it for recoring videos, but it wasn't the best for makeup applications. It does have an array of different attachments to make it easily customizable for your filming/beauty needs.

This light combo has a ton of features from light dimmer, tabletop stand, white and orange color filters, portable accessories, and phone/camera attachments for mounting your recording device. Its a great light for recording videos, going live on social media and a slew of other things, I just would recommend it for Pro Artists.

Number 2: Glamcor Classic - 5,600K

My husband purchased this for me when I first starting doing makeup back in 2013. I had been researching makeup lights for almost a year and couldn't find anything I could afford that met all my wants/needs. This was the best light I could find through all my research (at the time)

It's fabulous! Easy to setup, tear down and travel with. Glamcor was definitely thinking of artists when they created this light. The bendable lights make it extremely easy to change your lighting and setup without much fuss. The only thing I didn't like about it. The light leans a little green/blue. I found this out the hard way when I was taking pictures of my clients and their foundation and skin color looked off.

My favorite brand and Why!