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Say hello to colorful hair!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my braided ponytails. All ponytails are custom-made to order

I've been in the beauty industry for 10 years and I get bored easily....welcome to my newest obsession! 

braided hair with natural extensions


We have a studio in Conroe, or we make house calls! Please take some time to answer the questionnaire before scheduling, so I can give you a price and timeframe for your braiding appointment.

Prices starting at $55

Hair tinsel


Add Tinsel "Glitter" Extensions in various methods.
Hand Tied - Beaded - Tape

Prices start at $20

Ponytail Extensions

What are my options?

Color -- fashion, blended or natural

Tinsel -- Add a touch of glitter

Style -- Choose your braid style(s)

Pricing Starts at $32

includes 2 braids on a ponytail with a piece to hide your natural hair hanging and a piece to hide the ponytail itself. 

To Order, Fill out the order form below

green braided hair tie_edited.jpg
How do I install and take care of my hair?

How to install

how to install a ponytail extension

Hot to Style

how to style a ponytail extension

How to remove

how to remove a ponytail extension

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