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Get ready for your Appointment

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

You've Scheduled a hair or makeup appointment with us! Now what...

What to have Ready

✓ Inspiration Pictures - Browse through our most recent looks on Instagram or search through our Pinterest boards.

✓ A picture of your outfit - This will help your stylist create a look that matches your personality and style

✓ Any accessories you're wanting to add to your look (hair piece, extensions, etc...)

How to prepare


✓ Exfoliate your skin for 2 days leading up to your appointment.


✓ Be ready with CLEAN dry hair.

✓ Wash your hair the night before and use prep products.

** If you don't plan on purchasing the products we recommend, come with dry hair (no products)**

If you have curly hair blow dry it smooth and straight (doesn't need to be straightened with a straightener, just smooth)

See our "prep your hair for long lasting styles" blog for more info and instructions.

What to Expect!

To let loose and feel pampered for a moment of your day. You can also ask all the silly makeup, skincare and hair questions and get real answers from a seasoned stylist.

If you have any questions or need guidance. Contact us or schedule a phone consultation.


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