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Get ready for your Appointment

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

You've Scheduled a hair or makeup appointment with us! Now what...

What to have Ready

✓ Inspiration Pictures - Browse through our most recent looks on Instagram or search through our Pinterest boards.

✓ A picture of your outfit - This will help your stylist create a look that matches your personality and style

✓ Any accessories you're wanting to add to your look (hair piece, extensions, etc...)

How to prepare


✓ Exfoliate your skin for 2 days leading up to your appointment.


✓ Be ready with CLEAN dry hair.

✓ Wash your hair the night before and prep properly.

See our "prep your hair for long lasting styles" blog for more info and instructions.

What to Expect!

To let loose and feel pampered for a moment of your day. You can also ask all the silly makeup, skincare and hair questions and get real answers from a seasoned stylist.

If you have any questions or need guidance. Contact us or schedule a phone consultation.


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