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Wedding Day Timeline

How should I schedule Hair and Makeup for my wedding?

As a Bridal beauty stylist of 10+ years, I've learned the do's and don'ts of creating your "getting ready" timeline. Here are my top tips.


This guide will provide a comprehensive timeline, ensuring your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Let's dive in!

When to Start your Hair and Makeup

Start hair + makeup 30 Minutes after arrival at the venue.

You need 15-30 minutes to get settled in, put down your bags, grab a drink, put on your matching outfits, and setup the speaker (aka all the vibes) And of course snap a couple “before” selfies.

Scheduling Time Slots

Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes per SERVICE per person.

Anything shorter than that, everyone will feel rushed, artists won’t have time for a proper consultation or have time to clean in between services

This will make for a stressful and LATE day.

When should the bride start Hair and Makeup

As the bride, you want to start hair and makeup second to last.

The energy in the room switches the closer you get to ceremony time. This is when your photographer and videographer arrive and will start asking for details and items for PRE-ceremony photos.

You DO NOT want to be interrupted while having your hair and makeup done, It ruins the entire experience.

When should I be Finished with Hair and Makeup?

Schedule to be finished with hair and makeup services 2-3 hours before your ceremony.

You will need time to get dressed, take any PRE-CEREMONY photos with your photographer.

And have those special moments like first touch, First looks, gift openings, etc.

Download a copy of this guide:

Wedding Day Timeline Guide
Download PDF • 90KB

If you're still looking for hair and makeup for your special day, we would love to be your beauty team. Contact us to find out more.

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