Prep your hair for long lasting styles

Updated: Sep 20

I hear all to often "My hair doesn't hold a curl"

More than 50% of our clients say this! It all boils down to how they prepare their hair for a style.

So let me give you my insider secrets

Here's what it looks like with no prep. My client came in for her trial with no product and freshly cleaned hair. I did use styling products like hairspray and texturizing spray... but it can only do so much for thin/fine textured hair. When we brushed out her curls, they immediately fell. (VERY common for this hair texture)

"with prep" she used the hair prep products the night before the wedding. Look how much volume and curl definition I was able to get in her hair... Just amazing!

Here's how you prep!

  • Shampoo and condition your hair

If you deal with oily hair, let your shampoo sit for at least 60 seconds and shampoo twice! This will help break down your excess oil and keep your hair oil free longer.

  • Use a leave in conditioner/heat protectant.

This will keep your hair hydrated, smooth, healthy and prevent damage from styling.

  • Add a volumizing mousse.

This will give weightless volume, strength and longevity to your style. Plus adds moisture and shine.