Prepare for your body wax!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

You've booked your waxing appointment, YAY!

Now what?

Here's our top tips for body waxing.


  • Let your waxer know of any sensitivities you have. If you are taking any medications such as antibiotics, accutane, topical creams or retin-a. These can effect your skin and your waxing experience

  • Wear comfortable/loose fitting clothes. Cotton panties to avoid irritation if it’s your first time receiving a body wax

  • For body waxing - Exfoliate your skin and moisturize a minimum of 2x before your appointment. This will allow the hair to be removed with ease and less pain. *if you exfoliate, moisturize! Your skin can become dry after exfoliation.

  • GROW YOUR HAIR OUT! Ideally, you should have 1/4 inch (.635 cm) of hair in the area you want to wax. Waxing will be more painless and effective if you wait long enough.

  • Wax a week after your menstrual cycle, this is when your pain threshold is highest.

  • If you're sensitive to pain, take an ibuprofen-based pill 1 hour before your appointment to reduce pain and inflammation.


  • Tan the area you plan to wax 24-48 hours before your appointment

  • Consume alcohol or significant amounts of caffeine beforehand. Both can cause tightened pores and an uncomfortable waxing experience

  • Use any numbing creams. They won’t penetrate deep enough for it to be effective!

  • Do not wax for the first time before a special occasion. (the beach, vacation, pictures) Everyones skin reacts differently to wax and you may be sensitive or red afterwards.