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Favorite Summer Product

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Y'all!! I have to rave about this product and show you how awesome it works!

Arbonne's Rescue & Renew Detox Gele is my most used and highly underrated product I have in my bathroom. I don't use it much during winter but, let's get real, winter is only a month or two long in Texas.

It's a cooling gel that is meant to be applied to the body (or face) after sports, exercise or sun exposure.

I use it mostly for healing sunburns or cooling off and relaxing my muscles after a workout.

Here's a perfect example of how it works. I was out in the sun all day helping build a chicken coop at my moms place. The first picture was taken right after my shower at 7pm and the second was first thing in the morning almost exactly 12 hours apart. You can even see my sleep lines on my shoulder.I literally work up, saw my skin and snapped a picture so people would believe me.

I applied Gele twice before I went to bed and then woke up with significantly less heat and redness. This S#%^ works!

During hot days or days I know Im going to be busy running around outside I ditch my regular moisturizer and mix Gele with the Detox Oil. I love how easy the Gele slides on, it doesn't take a lot. The only downside is that It doesn't give me enough moisture, so I add a few drop of the oil and my skin stays cool and hydrated all day.

Key Benefits & Ingredients

- Pure, aromatic essential oils from orange, lavender, grapefruit, and tangerine are known to create a sense of relaxation

- Shea butter, a body conditioner, helps moisturize dry skin

- Caffeine, with antioxidant properties, brightens the look of skin

- Green algae replenishes the skin’s natural lipid barrier with moisturization to hydrate, lubricate, protect from dryness and nourish the look of skin for a soft, smooth, healthy glow

- Vitamin E helps skin retain moisture and moisturizes dry skin

- Malachite extract acts as an antioxidant, supports formula’s moisturizing benefits by protecting skin against environmental drynes

- Dandelion extract contributes to detoxifying effects that promote the appearance of overall skin health

- Turmeric extract helps to promote radiant-looking skin

- Ginger root extract helps counteract the look of dull, lackluster skin by enhancing the appearance of skin radiance

More Uses

Here some more examples of how other people have used the Gele before. I personally haven't tried all of these but I do know it works great for bug repellant and taking swelling away (like Benadryl does)

If you've used Gele before I'd love to hear your feedback on it. Or if you use if for something else not listed, I'm intrigued on what else you can use this for.

Now you can fee like I did when I was first introduced to this stuff... Take my money!


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