Brow Lamination

If you want "fluffy" fuller looking eyebrows... you've come to the right place! 


What is Brow Lamination?

A Semi Permanent treatment that will straighten and

smooth your brows. 


Is brow lamination right for you

If you have any of these issues, brow lamination IS right for you. 

unruly, curly, or brows that grow downward.

Thin brows

No arch   


What's included?

We shape (either wax or thread )

Henna Tint - A semi permanent color

Processing Treatment (the solution to soften and remold the brow hairs)


How long does it take?

About 60-80 Minutes

How do I take care of them afterwards?

For the first 24 hours do not...

- get them wet

T- ake a hot baths sauna or hot shower

- brow makeup

- use oil free beauty products

- No facials or treatments near brows

No more spending 10 minutes taming and filling in your eyebrows!

Just brush your eyebrows into place each morning and you're ready to go.

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