We Built Our Daughter A Bed!

Ok everyone! Here is the adorable new bed we built for Peyton (our 2.5 year old)

She outgrew her first bed and I fell in LOVE with these "House Beds" but didn't want to spend the money on it... So, I left it up to my awesome husband to find the plans and do most of the work, then let me take all the glory for "making it" and sharing it with all of you!

Want to learn how we transitioned our 1.5 year old to a toddler bed in under a week?! Check out the blog Here!

Find the plans to make your own bed here!

And last but not least, let us show you how much fun we had making it!

Not only did this #quarantine allow us family time, But it allowed us to make all of these awesome memories for us to remember years down the road!

Shoutout to all the dads working their tails off to provide for their family. We couldn't survive without you!