Doc Band round 2!

Updated: Apr 11

Round TWO for peyton's Doc Band from Cranial Techonolgies to fix her brachycephaly. Meaning "short head" in other words, she had a flat, wide and tall head...It looked a little funny!

Our insurance covered a second doc band so we decided to go ahead and get it. If you are wondering what the heck im talking about, check out my "diaries of a doc band mom" This explains everyhing you need to know.

April 19th - Steven took peyton in to get images for her band.

April 27th - We walked in and everyone there knew her by now, because she just makes friends everywhere she goes. They put her new band on for 5 minutes to see where it would rub and if she needed any room. They inspected her head and made adjustments where needed. She could only wear it for 3 hours at a time, the first 2 days, to make sure she didnt have any redness or irritation. After that it was 23hrs a day until she graduated.

May 11th, 29th, June 12th and 26th were just normal adjsutments/check ups. Instead of every week, like the first band, we had to go every other week. Peyton was only 5 months when she got her first band and 9.5 months when she got her second. The therapist said babies grow so fast in those first few moths they have to make room every week.

Steven didn't want anything to do with this band in the first place because he didn't want to deal with it. So everytime he was home he would take it off and ruin all the hard work I was doing to keep it on her. The closer we got to 4th of July, I just gave up. We were in the pool and playing outside more often. The band is like a cast, you cannot get it wet, so the majority of the day she was out of her band.

July 4th I decided, screw it and just took it off. I called the office a couple days later and asked them to set up her graduation appointment.

July 10th, we went in for her final assesment. We took pictures and the therapist agreed that she looked near perfect and that we could discontinue treatment. Hallelujah! We are done and her head looks fabulous!

The first picture is before treatment on January 3, 2018 (4months old)

Second picture was after her first band April 19, 2018 (15 weeks in the band)

Last picture was on July 10, 2018 after her second band. (roughly 11 weeks in this band)

That's about 6.5 months of being in a helmet, and let me tell you, she got ued to it! She bumps her head into everything now, she started walking while her band was on so she has no fear or furniture or falling.

Shes looking at the therapist like "last time you have to take my picture...ha!'

Front view you can see where her cheeks and chin slimmed out quite a bit. She looks like a completely different baby now.

This one just speaks for itself! Look at the volume she gained on the bottom near her ears. Im glad we decided to do the second band.

The top view...

Last but not least the back view, you can really see how narrow she grew. Which is what you want.