What does your baby poop in?

Updated: Apr 11

So from one mom to another! Let’s chat about diapers...

I wouldn’t consider myself a “cheap ass” but I am a very frugal person and like to spend my money on things that matter in the grand scheme of life.

Something your baby is literally going to sh💩t in shouldn't cost you a bunch of money. But we can't have poop streaks all over our homes and clothes so we kinda have to use them...

My twin is a super crunchy mom and cares more about the environment than I do. So she is 100% cloth diaper mom. She did all kinds of research about them and loves them.

I on the other hand was totally against first. My thought was, eww I’m not sticking my hand in poop and cleaning it. No thanks I’ll pay for disposable diapers and be done with it.

I have awesome friends and family so I was gifted lots and lots of diapers and I was fortunate enough to have the pampers swaddles because that’s what everyone recommends and the hospitals use it. Not gonna lie there are fabulous diaper, they don't leak, they don't stink and they hold a lot. But...even though I had boxes and boxes of diapers I eventually ran out.

Once I ran out I realized they are freakin expensive and I was on the hunt for a cheaper, yet still effective, diaper. Here are some prices (per diaper) & brands for you to compare In order from most cost effective/favorite.

ALVABABY Cloth Diapers $5.00

Target Up & Up $0.13

Walmart Parent's Choice $0.11

HEB Baby $0.11

Pampers Swaddlers $0.20

Kroger Comforts $0.10

ALVABABY cloth diapers

I love this brand! My sister has a bunch of different brands but, she said to find some that snap because the velcro wears out. They are completely adjustable from NB until potty training stages. So essentially you can have the same diapers until your kiddo is out of diapers. They come with different inserts so when those become nasty and no longer washable/sanitary you can chunk them and purchase some more.

I didn't switch to cloth diapers until she started having solid poops and I'm not 100% cloth. I only do it when I'm home and can rinse everything out. I don't want to mess with that in public and I don't expect my babysitters to have to deal with it. Anytime she has gotten a diaper rash she wears cloth until it clears up. I feel like they breath better than disposable diapers.

Target Up & Up $0.13ea

These are great. They have a nice shape to them so they don't dig into Peyton's thighs. She's got some chunky legs and a little booty so she needs something that is more fitted than just a boxy diaper. They do run a little smaller than mosts diapers and don't hold a ton. But babies don't pee that much at a time and you don't want them sitting in it long anyway. 

HEB Baby $0.11ea

Fit better than kroger brand, but they sag when they are full and don't fit snug like the other brands. They stink a little more when they are full too.  

Kroger Comforts $0.10

These are cheap and go on sale regularly at kroger so I stock up when I'm there. They don't stink and hold quite a bit. Other than that, they are not fancy, they come in a few different patterns but most of the time she has clothes on when shes out in public so who cares what her diaper looks like. ***update, the more I use these the easier she gets diaper rashes, so I quit using these***

Pampers Swaddlers $0.20

Only thing that sucks about these are price. They range from $0.20-$0.30 a diaper and in order to get the $0.20 price, you need to purchase in large quantities.

Can't forget the "no diaper"

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