Diaries of a Doc Band Mom

Updated: Apr 11

If you curious why baby Peyton has been wearing a "helmet" for the last 12 weeks. Look no further! I'll gonna lay out all the details for you.

Peyton had really bad reflux when she was a newborn and had to eat laying elevated on her back. She also had to stay in that position for 10-20 minutes after eating or she would projectile vomit everywhere... I swear my house smelled like sour milk for the first 3 months of her life. Also she LOVED to sleep like this...FLAT on her back with her hands up. She would shake her head in place, throw her hands up and fall asleep. It was the cutest thing!

We started noticing her head shape change around 2.5 months old. On her 4 month check up we asked our pediatrician if we should be concerned, she said it wasn't bad but we should see a specialist for a second opinion and handed us the information to cranial technologies. I called immediately and scheduled a free consultation.

Consultation on 12/6/18 : The therapist came in and talked a little about the different types of skull deformities. Then I got Peyton undressed and took pictures using their Digital Surface Imaging machine. It took a few tries to get the right picture, but we eventually got them. After evaluating the images the therapist came in and showed me an interactive 3D image of Peyton's head shape next to a "normal" head shape. It became very obvious she was a little jacked up.

They diagnosed her with Moderate brachycephaly with asymmetry. Meaning she was a little flat on the back and had a protruding spot on the front right corner and back left corner.

After showing Steven the results we called and gave them our insurance information hoping it would be covered. In the meantime, I bought the babymoov love pillow to help reshape until we figured out what we were doing. It surprisingly helped and now she had a soft little pillow to rest her head on. But I swear the minute we got this pillow she stated sleeping on her side and stomach....

A week or so later (end of December) they called and said that I would have to pay my $2,000 deductible and I was only saving $100 because the cash price was $2,100! So what's the point on insurance sometimes.... that's a topic for another day. *insert major eye roll* They have care credit and other payment plan options so you don't have to pay for it up front. But it still came out to $400 a month. So be prepared to pay, but I will say this, You will pay whatever to make sure your baby has what they need. You just figure it out.

Entry Picture 1/3/18 : We waited and set up her first appointment in January so the deductible would have been met for the year. At this appointment we took another picture so she could get fitted properly for her band. We went through the same process as the first appointment but this pantyhose covered her entire face so she looked like a little robber! I couldn't help but laugh. I wish I would have grabbed a picture for y'all! I'm very fortunate for technology because this is how they had to cast molds for the bands back in the day! Now its just a quick picture and then your on your way.

Fitting 1/12/18 : Her band came in pretty quick so they called me back to get her fitted and show me how everything worked. It was actually pretty easy to put on and take off. The specialist put it on Peyton’s head and marked it near the ears, above the eyes and at the nape of the neck. Then took it to the back room to shave the sides down to make it fit a little better. The first thing we did when we got home was of course give her new look!

We were allowed to take the band off for about 2 hours a day to let her skin breath. I liked to give her an hour in the morning and another hour around bath time. And of course the week we spend all this money she starts wanting to sleep on her stomach!!

We went in for an adjustment on January 19th and 26th. For the first few weeks we had to go in every week. Then we stretched it out to 10 days and then eventually 2 weeks. At each adjustment, the specialist would look at her head shape and see how the band was fitting and give Peyton more room where she needed it.

This is what it looked like after an adjustment. She really only touched 2 sections on the band to make more room.

February 6th Steven was finally able to come so I had him snap some pictures for Y'all. We took the band off and the therapist measured her head and took notes. She always put panty hose on so she could see the true shape of her head to adjust the band properly.

And of course Grandma had to put a princess crown, because why not!

March 2nd & 16th were just more adjustments.

March 30th was Graduation Day... so we thought. We took her final pictures to see how she had progressed and to see if she needed another band or not. She showed me the before and after pictures and I was pretty shocked. Take a look for yourself.

The therapist said she had enough room for one more adjustment, so we decided to ride it out for a little longer. She said to watch out for red marks or indentation around the ears, that is a sign that the band is too tight and should no longer be worn. When I went to take her helmet off on April 1st I noticed she had a pretty big indentation near her ear where the buckle was so it was finally graduation day!!

My aunt Shanny is the best and came over the next day and helped us celebrate by bringing a celbratory cake! Angel food cake with fresh fruit and reddi whip! Peyton wasn't a huge fan of the cake or fruit but loved the reddi whip... Imagine that LOL!

All in all, I would say cranial technologies was fabulous and they really do care about your baby just like you would. They are easy to talk to, understand and great about helping you with payments. I would highly recommend them for anyone considering treatment. It's definitely worth it!