Labor & Delivery... How easy can it be?

Updated: Apr 11

Mom brain is a REAL thing and I can’t remember shit these days so bare with me since I don’t know exact times and dates on everything. Peyton decided to make her arrival a little late so I got to pick my delivery date. For some reason I was under the impression that your Doctor was the one that did everything but boy oh boy was I wrong. My doctor was actually out of town on vacation so I had another Dr. on call, come in and deliver Peyton for me. I delivered at CHI St. Lukes in The Woodlands, TX. Everyone was super helpful and nice. 7/31/17 5:00pm We walked up to the labor & delivery hall and checked in at the front desk. By 5:30 I was in my room and two nurses came in and told me to get completely undressed and put this HIDEOUS gown on. It’s basically a tiny little tablecloth they want you to wear for the duration of your delivery. Naturally Im freaking out because a human is about to come out of my body and now I have to wear a paper thin tablecloth that shows ALL the goods off. Anyways, they introduce themselves and ask me 5 millions questions about myself and family history. While they are doing that, they hook me up to an IV, give me fluids, check all my vitals, and put a few monitors around my stomach.

6:00pm They didn’t want to waste anytime so they gave me Cervidil right away. In case you didn’t know, Cervidil is a vaginal insert with time-release medication that helps your cervix gradually soften, thin and dilate. In case you were wondering what this felt like…they literally shove their hand up you and place a tiny little plastic thing that releases medicine. Your not aloud to sit up and move around for 6 hours. It’s not glamorous, nothing about delivery is glamorous except when you see your baby for the first time. Nothing in life can prepare you for that moment. For the next few hours we hung out and made jokes and tried to get some sleep.

8:30pm *ish The nurse came in and gave me Ambien to help me sleep. Took me about an hour to finally fall asleep, and I was only out for about an hour before the pressure got bad enough I couldn’t sleep. The Cervidil was working because my contractions were getting heavier. I'm not sure what time they came back in and took out the cervidil, but once they did I was in the bathroom every 45min to an hour… I think I pooped my body weight. Peyton’s head was literally being pushed down with each contraction causing everything to expand. Just being real, y’all asked for the details so here they are HAHA! 8/1/17 1:00am My contractions started getting extremely painful around 1:00. My entire body would tense up for about 20-30 seconds and every contraction got stronger and longer. A few hours In I asked for a birthing ball and started hunkering down and breathing through the contractions. Peyton’s heart rate started dropping so they told me I couldn’t use the ball anymore. They had me lay on my side and put a peanut shaped ball in between my legs hoping that would work. I looked so stupid and it felt really awkward but it relieved some of the pressure off my back and got her heart rate back to normal. After about 30 minutes of that, my hips were in a lot of pain so I tried just laying on my side without the ball. That didn’t work long because the nurse came running in my room panicked and flipped me on my back because Peyton’s heart rate dropped. Now I had to stay on my back for the duration of my labor. Let’s just say it was extremely painful! My hips were spreading so fast that It felt like someone was digging a knife into them and twisting it. By this point I was sweating and my body was so tense and sore I guess the nurse could tell I was over it. She suggested I get an epidural and I was hesitant because I was determined to go as long as I could without one. But I was reaching my breaking point. 5:19am I was having steady contractions 5min apart and was dilated to 3cm. I finally chose to get an epidural because I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. 5:45am Anesthesiologist came in and was super nice! I guess when your giving people heavy drugs to take away all their pain, people must think your god sent LMAO! They made Steven leave because apparently men in the past have passed out watching their wives get an epidural HAHA! The anesthesiologist explained what all he was going to do right before he started and I had to sign some paperwork and give consent. He had me sit on the bed and bend all the way over to expose my back. He rubbed my entire back with this solution and taped plastic to prep the area for the epidural. It was super quick and I didn’t feel a thing. I think I didn’t feel anything because my muscles were already so sore from the constant contractions. Steven came back in the room and said I looked like a completely different person. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get an epidural because it is the best invention on this earth! I literally had NO pain and I could finally relax and enjoy myself a little. 8:00am Dr. Samaniego came in and checked everything. He took this big toothpick shaped thing and popped my water bag. After he was done and looked at me and said “ok we broke your water…I know super eventful” The way he said it was hilarious. I had no idea what he was doing, nor could I feel anything. I was kinda bummed I didn’t get to experience my water breaking. It’s not like what you see in the movies. 10:00am Dilated to 8cm. At this time I'm texting my photographer and friend Monica to come because it was getting real. While we were waiting for the Dr. to get there and start pushing, she took some cute shots of Peyton’s going home outfit.

10:30am A nurse came in and set up the delivery table. All kinds of disposables, sheets, towels and other medical looking crap.

11:00am Fully Dilated and ready to push. The nurse comes in and starts walking me through how to push. She pretty much just said pay attention to what Im saying and I’ll walk you through everything. So I did just that. I didn’t do any research on labor or delivery because I didn’t want to freak myself out or go in thinking I knew more than the nurse. Steven was there the ENTIRE time! He held my hand the whole time I was having painful contractions before I got my epidural and made sure I was calm and as comfortable as I could be.

11:45am It was time to start pushing. Steven held one of my legs up near my chest and the nurse held my other leg up and she had me take a big breath and push for 10 seconds. I did this twice and then she let me take a 60 second break. After doing that twice she had me relax and went to get the Doctor. He came In and had me scoot up to the edge of the bed and he lowered the end of the bed and put this bag underneath me to catch everything. I refused to watch because I didn’t want to see anything. I pushed a few more times and then there she was!!

12:13pm Peyton made her arrival and it was beautiful! Just look at Dr. Samaniego’s face...It say’s it all. Im so thankful Monica was able to capture this moment. Your memory is a little foggy after all the commotion of having a baby and being able to go back and relive the moment is priceless. After cutting the cord and the nurses wiping Peyton off they all cleaned up really fast and left the room. I spent the next 1.5hrs with Peyton on my chest and just hanging out with Steven. It was so peaceful and quiet.

After that the nurse came back in and weighed/measured Peyton in front of us. She then gave her a bath under a heat lamp to make sure she stayed warm . I made sure she used all Arbonne because I'm super careful what I put on my body I didn't want anything harmful on Peyton. She then got a Vitamin K shot, and put an eye ointment on. She also took her footprint and then wrapped her up in a blanket and handed her back to me.

I don’t think I got out of bed until 5:00pm that day because I had to wait for the epidural the wear off. I ended up peeing all over the floor the second I stood up because I had no bladder control. Talk about embarrassing! I'm literally walking to the bathroom peeing all over the floor and leaving a huge trail everywhere. The nurse doesn't look phased at all by this and just grabs some towels to clean it up. They gave me this big bag of stuff that included this fishnet looking underwear, giant pads and all kinds of other fun stuff nobody wants to talk about. Everything is swollen, doesn’t look normal, doesn’t function normal and you walk around like a waddling penguin because you have a giant pad in between your legs. You can't use toilet paper so they give you this spray bottle to rinse everything off. Luckily you wont have to poop for a few days because you got it all out before the delivery LMAO!

After family & friends visiting, bringing me awesome food and giving Peyton snuggles the lactation nurse came in that night to check and make sure Peyton was eating and latching on properly. The lactation nurse literally grabbed my boob and pinched it like a football and helped Peyton latch on. At this point, you feel everyone and their mother has looked at your body practically naked and nothing is private anymore. She was super helpful and helped me figure out what I was doing wrong and how to make it less painful for me. BTW I think breastfeeding is harder than labor! I don’t know how women do it for years. Y’all are crazy! 8/2/17 7:30 am The next morning Dr. Samaniego came in to check on me and see how I was doing. He was super sweet and went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable not only physically but ok mentally. It seemed weird at the time, But I totally understand where he was coming from now that I’m looking back. Giving birth Is next level emotionally draining and your hormones are all out of whack! Your happy and sad crying all at the same time and you don’t know why. He sat down in front of us and listened to any of my concerns or worries and walked me through how Im going to be feeling over the next few days. Also, that most of what I’m experiencing was normal and that if I do have any postpartum issues that it’s important to say something. There is no need to suffer emotionally if you don’t have to. It’s bad for both the baby and mom. Luckily I didn’t have any super crazy emotions or thoughts that needed to be addressed. 8:00am Lactation nurse came back in to help me nurse again. I was having issues with getting Petyon to latch without it being extremely painful. At this point I was trying to nurse every 2-3 hours and my nipples were raw and bleeding. Luckily a friend of mine had given me these nipple shields that had medication on them to help soothe and numb the pain. I also got some lanolin balm from the nurse, but it only helped a little. 10:00am A nurse came in and performed a hearing test on Peyton. It was some machine on a rolling cart that had this device they put behind her ear and somehow tested her hearing. Everything came back normal and she can hear just fine. 11:00am A lady came in and gave us this big packet full of information about birth certificates and social security cards. We had to fill out Peyton’s information and legal name and all that mumbo jumbo. 12:00pm We were moved a few rooms down the hall so they could have a delivery room for other women. Apparently everyone was having babies in August and they didn’t have enough rooms. A supervisor came in and did a little survey asking me a bunch of questions about the staff to make sure everyone was going their job correctly. I didn’t have anything negative to say because everyone was really nice and did a good job making sure I had everything I needed. When I first got to my room the nurses wrote their name on this little white board with a direct phone number in case I needed anything. There was a bed remote with and emergency button and a nurse button. So I never really needed to call anyone, they would just come If I hit the nurse button. Super convenient. There is a nurse on call 24/7 and they are constantly watching the monitors you hooked you up to.They also have this thing they called a baby lo jack. It's a monitor they put around the ankle that will sound an alarm if the baby is taken our of the labor & delivery wing. So you can’t be stealing anyones baby. They also have a cafeteria that will deliver food when you want it. 8/3/17 11:00am The Pediatrician came in and checked Peyton out. She swallowed some amniotic fluid on her way out and was having a hard time getting it up. She turned blue the night prior from choking on it. Super sad and stressful to watch! They took her to the NICU at 1:00pm to suction everything out of her stomach. Im glad I wasn’t there to watch because I probably couldn’t handle it. 4:15pm The nurse came back in to check Peyton’s vitals and do a blood glucose level check. She was loosing weight because my milk hadn’t come in yet. She was also getting a little jaundice so we stayed another day so they could keep an eye on her. They were trying to discharge me and send me home and keep Peyton in the NICU. Steven told the nurse he wasn’t going to leave Peyton by herself and the nurse thought it was so sweet that she started crying. They didn’t have enough beds so the nurse pulled some strings and got us moved upstairs to another room and still took care of us for the duration of her shift. The next day was just full of routine checks on both of us. They ended up having to put Peyton under some lights to help with the jaundice and gave me some formula to supplement because Peyton wasn’t eating enough. I refused to give it to her because I wanted to breastfeed. Luckily my milk came in the day we left and she was starting to eat better. We did get some pictures taken at the hospital, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They weren’t great quality and they were expensive. Plus I looked like shit because I hadn’t taken a good shower since i’d been there, I had no makeup on and my hair was a grease ball. So not flattering LOL. I hope you enjoyed reading about my delivery and stay at St.Lukes in the woodlands. They only thing I would have changed, definitely getting an epidural earlier!