KV Uncovered

Hi there! I'm Kaitee Villarreal.

I'm often called... mom, twin, wife, licensed cosmetologist, and a smart ass.

I created this blog to share my heart into why I started KV Beauty and a little more into my crazy life.

Long story short, ever since high school I have had extremely terrible skin and I started wearing loads of makeup to cover up my skin. All makeup looked terrible on me so I invested thousands of dollars testing different products and learning how to apply makeup better. I was asked by a family friend to do her makeup for her wedding and I said yes even though I was terrified. When we finished with her makeup and she turned around and saw herself in the mirror a sense of overwhelming confidence and happiness filled the room. Knowing I can make women feel that confident and happy in their own skin, with just a little makeup, I realized I wanted to pursue this as a career. After a year of building my makeup business, I realized makeup is temporary for women. I wanted to gift women with confidence in their own skin. Not just making them feel pretty covering it up. I searched and spent a good 2 years testing different skincare products and finally stumbled upon something that worked for me. I wanted to tell EVERYONE about it! Not having my cosmetology license at the time, I was limited on how I could help other people. So I went to school and earned my license. Now I offer facials, full body waxing, and makeup services in my studio and I can help women feel a little more confident in their skin every day!

I hope you enjoyed my bio and want to continue learning more about me! Drop me a line if you want to chat!


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